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Endless possibilities with our API

Our open API has been public since February 2017, making it the most used and tested banking API.

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Our API has you covered

Anything you could want to do with your project, you can do it with our RESTful open API.
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Business management
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Expense management
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Build awesome applications

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Initiate payments
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Retrieve balance
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Read account transactions
Order and manage bank cards
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Manage joint accounts
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Export attachments
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Integrate easier with our SDKs
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Trusted by others

Our open API has been used to empower the bunq community, creating awesome solutions to both personal and business problems.
Solutions for personal use

Our API has been used to build many awesome new apps that take mobile banking to the next level. Examples include:

› Bittiq
› bunqDesktop
› flow

Solutions for business growth

Hundreds of businesses have grown with the use of our open API. Examples include:

› Gekko
› ProActive
› Moneybird

It's time for action

Get your hands dirty with code, and integrate with our API now.